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Lightbox Displays

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Lightbox Displays UK


PromoSigns LTD offer a huge range of high quality light boxes including :


Textile Light Box

  • Display Stands
  • Retail Displays
  • Ligtboxes
  • Fabric Face Light Boxes
  • Slim light boxes
  • Light Boxes For Exhibition,
  • Illuminated Poster Displays
  • Freestanding Lightboxes
  • Large Format Light Boxes


Textile Light Box


Light box displays are powerful advertising tools using the latest technology to produce displays with great impact. Our light box displays illuminated with LED’s. LED’s use less power and last longer. The graphics are printed on a Textile Light box transparency or on standard material and if you want to change the display, simply fasten the graphics inside with its in-built clip frame system

Our economical and high quality Lightbox Displays  are very useful for ratails, restaurants to showcase menu, in cafes, hotels, pubs, clubs, shopping malls, showrooms and architecture. these are best tools for making your product or services stand out from the rest.


Textile Light Box

Fabric Face Light box



LED Illuminated Textile Lightbox 

This unique frameless textile light box display system offers a c